Generalist designer at heart with GSOH that loves to work end-to-end.

Currently Product Designing @ Piclo in Shoreditch, bringing a human-centered design practice to the energy industry with a focus on renewable and sustainable energy markets.

Previously designed at TotallyMoney, a FinTech scale-up near Silicon Roundabout, where I worked across Brand, Marketing and Product teams, helping to grow the business through two major pivots, and from zero to over 1.5 million customers (and counting).

Throughout this time, and prior, I've had the good fortune to work with clients and organisations such as the NHS, DB Schenker, Cognita Schools, Capital One, MBNA, Barclaycard, and Zeal to name but a few.

Me, and some popcorn from Kyoto named after me.


Graphic Design: Impactful layout, typography, illustration and animation.

Art Direction: Bringing alignment, definition, and translating strategy in to tangible concepts.

Product Design: Facilitating discovery, posing the right questions, engaging with users, prototyping, user-interfacing.

Development: Semantic HTML and extensible, modular CSS development (with a side of workflow automation via node/npm).

Project Management: Prioritising, estimating, assigning. Advocate for a Kanban/Scrum hybrid practice.



Reading: The Shape of Design

Listening: 99% Invisible

Playing: Super Mario Maker 2

Watching: N/A

Sipping: Whiskey Sour

Creative bucket-list

A head-in-the-clouds list of creative projects I'd like to tackle now, and in the future:

  1. Create the layout for the front page of a newspaper—digital and print.
  2. Design and release a (good) typeface.
  3. Design, code and release a simple game on the App/Google Play Store.
  4. Start a design agency, then get acquired.
  5. Grow the design culture from scratch at a startup.
  6. Rebrand a Fortune 500 company.
  7. Win a Pencil of indeterminate colour from D&AD.
  8. Create a competitive first-person-shooter.
  9. Release a tiny, indie print mag.
  10. Write a fantasy novel that isn't terrible and illustrate the maps myself.